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11/09/2015 · So in the past few day's i was having 100+ ping higher than usually. I usually get 110 stable (I'm live in Dubai so that's why i have a 100+ ping) but nowadays i have 220+ stable ping, So i decided to call the ISP and they said everything is fine (Everything is fine except the ping in LoL, Download/Upload speed is normal) So i decided to look so a solution and i found i site called "Kill Ping kill ping free download - Ping Tester, Ping Plotter Freeware, Ping Test Easy, and many more programs Kill Ping reviews, customer feedback & support. Contact & review Kill Ping - rated #25 in Electronics Kill Ping là một ứng dụng hỗ trợ chơi game online, cung cấp cho các game thủ một đường truyền chơi game chuyên dụng đến game server. Đường truyền

Your Ping and How to Test your Connection for Packet Loss Dying or Killing someone with a Chinese letter in their name can cause your game to hitch/freeze .

08/01/2018 17/09/2007 Kill Ping Reddit Reviews. Reddit has dedicated subreddits for gaming. These subreddits are often subject to intense discussing about different online gaming issues. As latency issue continues to bother the gaming communities, they continue to look for the best possible solution. When a gamer asked to evaluate Kill Ping vs wtfast, many recommend the former. Comment from discussion cats_never

16 Feb 2018 All you need to do is copy the console commands from reddit and hunting solo or in teams of two, track and kill gruesome monsters for a 

I ordered Kill Ping Since im in Hawaii to lower my Ping in NA servers with games such as fortnite, LOL, WOW etc. The problem that I am having is that none of my games will start and it wont connect. I dont know why that is, but I have attempted to contact support about this issue on Wednesday and Its almost Monday with no response. This service was highly recommended by other people but in my Kill Ping - Virus oder kappt das wirklich? Thread starter ESEADriver2; Start date 1 Apr 2016; Forums; Support; Programme; ESEADriver2 Donator. 1 Apr 2016 #1. 10 Jan 2015 2,728 1,653. 1 Apr 2016 #1. Yo, da ich seit ca. einem Monat auf jedem Server nen Pin Kill Ping does not affect your internet cause it only routes your game data. It must be something else. Which game were you playing with Kill Ping? > **Posted by Hanako Ikezawa** > > barely found it any good, it just kills my internet connection for me, in fact, it makes it worse for me. > > 4/10 would not recommend in the middle east, but it i have been reading about players getting banned for using WTfast,but didnt find anyone who claim that he got banned for using Kill Ping. in their site they also claim that you cant get ban by using their service unlike other lag reduce services.