Mar 27, 2020 LocalCast. If you have a Chromecast incompatible app, then get LocalCast to cast media to your smart TV from smartphones (Android & iPhone).

Feb 25, 2019 on a Roku-enabled TV, and using the Android app (there is also an iOS app). The interface and service were pretty much identical on each,  Feb 15, 2014 Everyone has a friend with an iPhone or an iPad. Tell them to get LocalCast on iOS here: Older:. Jan 8, 2015 You can then stream those songs to Google Play Music apps for iOS and AllCast, LocalCast, and BubbleUPnP are the all-in-one media  Jun 24, 2018 Here's how you follow these steps on your iPhone or iPad. First, refresh Unlike Android, iOS doesn't let you clear an app's cache or its data. Jun 2, 2014 Use LocalCast to stream locally stored files to Chromecast. If you store all your media on a NAS device at home, then LocalCast can be used to browse all that content and Your Apple iOS questions answered | TECH(talk)  Dec 14, 2015 Download LocalCast for Chromecast (free, Google Play), hit 'Route Audio Before you plug in the Chromecast, download the app from the iOS  Aug 22, 2017 Using LocalCast to Mirror to Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, and Other screen, on -screen drawing, adjustable transparency, and iOS Airplay 

LocalCast for Chromecast / DLNA is a complete solution for streaming all the content of our Android terminal on any device that we have connected to our Chromecast. The application works much like a file explorer, so that we can move comfortably through all the folders in our Android terminal. Now, in the side panel we will find shortcuts to our multimedia libraries, so that we can quickly

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Jun 19, 2020 LocalCast for Android allows you to send videos, music, and images to devices such as Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV or smart TVs to play them  You can then easily minimize the LocalCast app and lock your Android device while watching the video with ease on your Chromecast device. Pretty easy, right ? In fact, any good Android phone comes with a built-in feature for casting. On iOS, however, its a little tricky. As you may have guessed, Apple and Google don't  Jan 30, 2018 The same app used to stream Popcorn to Chromecast from Android can be used to stream from your iPhone or iPad. The LocalCast app for iOS  29 giu 2018 Cos'è Localcast e come funziona l'applicazione per dispositivi Android e iOS in grado di effettuare lo streaming verso decine di device